March2Recovery is volunteers and staff working together to help our community recover.

Steering Committee:

Jennifer Mills-Knutsen – Acting Chair, Spiritual and Emotional Needs Chair
Mary Sullivan – Vice Chair
Alan Shepard – Treasurer/Finance Chair
Earlene Bennett – Secretary
Janine Brown – Unmet Needs Co-Chair
Jonathon Spaulding – Unmet Needs Co-Chair
Paula Lomax – Case Management Chair
David Hynes- Agriculture Chair
Judy Johnson – Washington County Representative
Larry Cummins – Jefferson County Representative
Stephen Schaftlein


Carolyn King – Executive Director
Kathy O’Day – Case Management Supervisor
David Poe – Construction Estimator
Darren Coppock – Construction Manager
Beverly Knight – Volunteer Center Manager


One Response to Leadership

  1. Hi,
    My name is Greg Thompson of Lewisville, In. I will be coming to the Henryville/Marysville area for the months of November, December and January as the construction manager for Sharing Hope Ministries. I’m so looking forward to finally being able to come and help. I am in the support phase of raising funds to make the most of the blessing Sharing Hope Ministries are providing by including me. Any information you could provide between now and November would be greatly appreciated. I have a blog page up and running so I can blog daily while I’m working in this disaster relief mission. If there is anything I can do through the blog or any other means to continue the awareness of those still in need let me know. The blog’s address is Would love to have any of your content from your web site included in mine. Look forward to meeting you !!

    God Bless,
    Greg Thompson

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